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While the Chinese chef may think that no one can top the ancient traditions of Chinese cuisine, many fusion chefs may beg to differ. A recent trend in the United States has seen Japanese chefs creating Chinese dishes that are wowing and astounding patrons and critics alike. The Japanese have long been known for their fantastic food abilities; they seem to be creating the perfect mix of traditional Chinese and modern American to create a new Chinese fusion specific to Japanese chefs.

Chinese food is one of America's favorite ethnic fares, but many have grown tired of the same old traditional Chinese food they've found at their local restaurant. This has created a demand for a new Chinese chef, that of the Japanese. Becoming a chef takes a lot of perseverance and perfection, a top chef does not get where they are without those two main ingredients. The Japanese are known for these two qualities culturally, along with their innate ability with food. This new Chinese fusion cuisine has become all the rage and looks like it's here to stay.

Another aspect of the Japanese chef's technique is the drama involved. Many Japanese chefs consider their talent an art form and seek to perfect the manner in which it's created. Many of these new fusion restaurants offer a cook-top at the table and the chef comes to you to prepare the food. Not only does it ensure clean preparation, but also provides a show for the diner.

Many American diners are not used to seeing food in this new Japanese light; not just for its nutritional value, but as an art form. Japanese chefs have a lot of respect for the food they work with and use only the freshest ingredients they can find. Taking a front seat to this show can allow the diner to gain perspective on a new culture and a new relationship with food.

It's important to find a good quality restaurant when wanting to experience authentic Chinese fusion. Every chef has his own take on the cuisine, so every restaurant will be different. Finding reviews in the local newspaper can be a good indication of a new hot spot in the area.

Also, keep in mind that Japanese chefs like to use the freshest ingredients, so finding a top quality, Chinese fusion restaurant serving seafood in the Midwest might be a little more difficult. It's for this reason that may Japanese chefs are drawn to the west coast; These restaurants are popular from the south of California all the way to the north in Vancouver. Many restaurateurs set up shop in these areas because they can find the freshest, best quality local seafood the country has to offer. And always remember when stepping into a fusion restaurant for the first time to keep an open mind and an open palette.


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